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Legacy Watercare offers a variety of unique innovations for oil refinery waste streams. Our portable technology allows for easy integration into existing oil batteries and well sites. The LCR can be relocated to new batteries or well sites with ease. Water can be clarified to a reusable standard eliminating the need for makeup water. Tailing ponds can be purified; then, the LCR can be moved to new sites. If you are looking for a portable, reusable, less expensive, and more efficient way to clarify water, Legacy can help.

Solutions for Oils, Hydrocarbon Waste, and Tailings Ponds

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The Legacy Clarification Reactor (LCR)

The Greatest Innovation in Water Treatment

LCR Benefits

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No more huge infrastructure projects! The LCR can be used, and moved. Tailing ponds can be purified, then the LCR can be moved to another site. Water can be reused on pads, then moved once the pad expires. Reuse water that would otherwise be discharged and save money!

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1,000 Gallons per Second. 5,000 Cubes of Water Clarified Daily

The LCR can operate at very little volume for small applications. The LCR can also be scaled to handle any amount of water, including handling large metro community demand. Single units can operate at a small capacity and can increase capacity as communities grow without infrastructure changes.

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Little Infastructure Changes Required

About the size of a shipping container, the LCR sits on top of existing ground and requires very little infrastructure changes. No more pouring concrete and 20 ft holes. The LCR combines the performance of huge facilities in the size of a shipping container.

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Cost Effective

No more costly plots of land, blower motors, or miles of lift stations to drive water outside the city. The LCR can be stationed almost anywhere, with a very small footprint, very little infrastructure, no constant oversight, and lower running costs. Reuse water that would normally be discharged, and save money!

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Remote Operation

Remote operation allows for significantly less operator oversight! Fully monitored systems constantly analyze the influent and adjust the system to optimize discharge, from anywhere in the world. Constant oversight is not required!

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Safe, Zero smell

Fully enclosed system ensures that no odor, no matter how foul the influent, escapes from the clarification system. Perfect for metro city applications. Multiple redundancies and constant monitoring ensures no contaminated water gets discharged


Reuse Water!

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 Stop transporting expensive water in and trucking waste out. The Legacy Reactor can purify water to be reused directly. Dirty wastewater doesn't need to be trucked away, or go to costly clarification systems, or drying beds. Your plant can recycle water and use it back on the pads, saving you money!

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Product Solutions

Legacy Watercare offers a variety of product solutions to increase the efficiency of existing wastewater treatment plants. No infrastructure changes are required!

Plug and play solutions help increase efficiency, lower costs, and exceed environmental standards!

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- Increase your sedimentation rate (up to 5x faster)

- Lower your sludge volume index

- Significantly reduce electric draw

- Significantly reduce costs

- Tailored solutions for specific problems


Contact us today to learn more about how Legacy Watercare can help you!

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