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North American Distributor for 

VTA Nanofloc ®️ A644

Purify Water with State of the Art Nanotechnology

Unrivalled performance

In the nano-scale range, the metallic base material in VTA Nanofloc® multiplies its intrinsic magnetic pull. This effect allows the charge balancing to take place inside the sludge floc, and not, as is usually the case, on its surface.   Extremely compact floc is formed – subsequent disintegration of the floc can be virtually ruled out even under unfavorable conditions.

Hydroprompt FORTE ®️

Innovative, multifunctional product removes pathogens from wastewater. Germs reduced by more than 95 percent – same for antibiotic-resistant pathogens!

In view of the COVID-19 pandemic, the contamination of wastewater with pathogens is also becoming an important issue for society as a whole. The VTA Group is aware of this responsibility and has been addressing such problems for many years now. Extensive research and development work has gone into producing VTA Hydroprompt® FORTE, a product innovation with unique properties that are now also being confirmed in practice.

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