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What is VTA Nanofloc A644?

Extremely Fast, Efficient Treatment Aid

Nanofloc uses nanotechnology to rapidly settle and break down contaminants in wastewater.

Highly efficient at operates at extremely low dosages. Improve oxygen transfer, use less chemicals, reduce polymer, and save money by using Nanofloc!

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Why VTA + Legacy?

For a sustainable future: A safe world in which future generations can thrive.

VTA manufactures system products which are entirely environmentally friendly to ensure the safe, sustainable and cost-effective optimization of waste water purification. 

Legacy Watercare is the first importer and exporter of all VTA products in North America.

VTA and Legacy Watercare are joining forces at WEFTEC 2024 in New Orleans! 




Thinking in cycles: This principle from nature shapes the work of the VTA Group.  Legacy Watercare's distrubition hub will expand the system products market in Canada and USA.


VTA now distributes  system products worldwide and helps to clean the wastewater produced by more than 250 million people every day.

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