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At Legacy Watercare, our purpose, vision and values guide everything we do and reinforce our unwavering commitment to customer service.


Our corporate objective is to help meet the needs for cleaner, safer water through initiatives that focus on wastewater remediation, reclaiming water resources, bettering water quality and advocating for water safety.

Our Purpose is to transform waste water into a valuable resource that will enrich the world we live in.

Our Vision is to be a lead pioneer for innovating sustainable innovative wastewater treatment solutions. 


Our Values encompass environmental responsibility, integrity, accountability, transparency, and ethical action. 


In developing our legendary customer service, we strive to make our products performance stellar and every customer’s experience fulfilling and beyond their expectations. 


At Legacy Watercare Innovations, we live our values each day in our interactions with each other, our customers and our third party partners.


Every time we perform a task in our daily work, it’s another chance to do the right thing and make decisions in the best interests of the Company.


At the end of the day, our business decisions are not just about profits; we impact people, communities and the environment. Working with this knowledge and making prudent decisions is what it means to work with integrity.


As good corporate citizens, conscientious co-workers and environmental stewards we make a commitment to the following:


We embody integrity. We do what’s right each and every day.

  • We work safely

  • We are honest and keep our word

  • We lead by example and are good corporate citizens

  • We respect our employees, business partners and environment

We commit to serving our customers.

  • We are responsive and reliable

  • We provide high quality solutions

  • We add value as a trusted partner

We deliver on our promises.

  • We will be even better tomorrow than today

  • We collaborate to win together

  • We meet or exceed expectations

Toll Free: 1-866-860-9287

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